About Kies Property Management

Carina McFall has been in the Real Estate industry for nearly 30 years and having worked in all aspects of real estate this brings with it a great wealth of experience. Carina has worked in the Barossa and Salisbury/Elizabeth areas for some of her career and brought this experience to the Gawler area over 20 years ago.

Having been a landlord herself, Carina understands that owning an investment property is a big step and a huge asset whether your rental portfolio is one property or several properties, and ensures her landlords receive a good return for their investment.
Carina has now taken over the Property Management Department and is looking forward to continuing the high level of service we have offered our Landlords and Tenants during the last 20 years.

You may well ask what makes Kies Property Management Different from any other agent?

1) All calls are returned promptly and efficiently—which is the number one complaint we hear from Landlords who previously used another agent.

2) Experience—Carina has nearly 30 years experience in real estate. This wealth of knowledge only comes from being in the industry and a working knowledge of the trials and tribulations of being a Landlord.

3) We ensure that your tenant is treated with respect and all maintenance is reported as soon as possible. We believe if the tenant is happy they will treat your property with respect also.

4) Our reputation speaks for itself and all our Landlords are very happy with our service and you could be too!

5) What have you got to lose our service guarantee ensures that you are happy. Near enough is no longer good enough for Australian businesses to be competitive in the market place, we have set our sights on providing you with a level of service that is nothing short of excellent. We therefore offer you an unequivocal statement of Guarantee.

6) You can contact us with any queries or advice big or small and we never get frustrated with you or your tenants as some agents do.

You may well ask why not manage it myself??
-You must have a good knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act and the regulations.
-You must ensure all the paperwork is filled in correctly and with as much detail as possible or you may suffer the consequences!
-Do you really want the hassles?

Remember a good agent is well worth their weight in gold and ensures that you have less worries.

Carina’s aim is to provide the best possible service to all their landlords and take the worry from their minds. We believe the area offers great potential for prospective landlords.

Please feel free to contact Carina and discuss the benefits of listing with Kies Property Management.

Contact Carina by email propertymanagement@kies.com.au or phone 0419 866 472 for further information.

Opening Times: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm