About Kies Real Estate

When Michael and Tina first started, they had only three properties for sale and within two years, after many long hours and late nights, they developed the business to having the largest selection of houses for sale in the Gawler area. In 1997, they started using the Jenman System and have been using that system ever since. The Jenman System is about client care, based on ethics in real estate.

In 2011 Kies Real Estate was sold to Rory Deer. After working alongside Michael for 15 years, Rory is now the Principal of Kies Real Estate and continues to lead as a Sales Consultant. Over recent years the sales team has grown and still strives to achieve a quality of service that is 100% client focused, guaranteeing their service and your price.

When it comes to selling houses, Kies Real Estate only uses methods that are good for clients. To find out exactly why we won’t use methods that will harm your sale and price, please call us or call into our office for a complimentary copy of the Top 10 Mistakes Home Sellers Make.

Kies Real Estate has total focus in providing the best real estate service. Our office, located at 3A Adelaide Road Gawler, is the largest real estate display centre in Gawler with its main feature being to offer a welcoming environment where you are able to look through display albums in comfort and speak with the friendly staff.

All the team at Kies have their own offices, so whether you are buying, selling or if you would just like some free, no obligation advice, you are able to do so in total confidentiality. To provide the best service available, Kies Real Estate is open 6 days a week, so feel free to call in to experience the real difference, you will be delighted.